healthy & active – The Metabolism Program

healthy & active - Metabolism And Weight Loss ProgramThe healthy & active program is a an individualized nutritional program to boost your overall metabolism. This program works by using an extensive panel of bloodwork to analyze your body chemistry and then correcting inefficiencies through specific food.

healthy & active - Metabolism & Weight Loss ProgramThe nutritional plan that is created will be unique to you and is based on eating real food. There are no shakes, meal replacements, medications, or calorie counting procedures. The program enables you to reach your desired weight goal without going hungry and allows you to use your food as your medicine.

By optimizing your metabolism, the healthy & active program will help you balance your hormone levels and stimulate your immune system. Not only will you achieve a more ideal body weight, but you will experience a greater sense of well-being overall.

The healthy & active program can only be offered by specially-trained healthcare practitioners (naturopathic doctors and medical doctors).

Here’s how the healthy & active program works:

  1. During your initial consultation with Dr. Chan, he will do an initial health check with you including a bioimpedance analysis (BIA) and then determine that the healthy & active program is suitable for you
  2. You will receive a requisition for bloodwork which can be done at any Life Labs patient service centre
  3. One week following your bloodwork, an analysis of your lab results will be done and healthy & active will prepare your individualized nutritional plan to optimize your metabolism
  4. During your follow-up consultiation with Dr. Chan, he will explain your tailor-made nutritional plan to you and ensure that you are aware of what to do during the three phases of the healthy & active program
  • The Preparation Phase (Phase 1) takes two days and gently helps the body prepare for the coming metabolism adjustment.
  • The Metabolic Adjustment Phase (Phase 2) takes 4-8 weeks. Here, the body will begin to adjust to the new nutritional regimen. Old eating habits, often consisting of foods that have been blocking your metabolism, will be replaced with new foods that will boost your metabolism. To view a sample food list, please click here.
  • The Stabilizing Phase (Phase 3) further strengthens your adjusted metabolism and keeps you healthy and vibrant.

For more information, visit the healthy & active program website.