Pain, Injury, And Sports Medicine

Pain and injury will negatively impact affect your life in many ways. Whether you are an elite athlete unable to recover from a sports injury or if you suffer from low back pain due to an old fall or accident, you need proper treatment. Anti-inflammatories, pain-killers, muscle relaxants, and other medications may help to alleviate your symptoms, but they will not cure the problem and long-term use of these drugs will have side-effects on your stomach, liver, and kidneys.

Dr. Chan has a special interest in pain, injury, and sports medicine. He has additional training in several treatment modalities that are specifically indicated to treat muscles spasms, joint pain due to ligament and tendon injury, nerve injury, and more. Some of these therapies include:

Multi-modal treatment involving several types of treatment is the most effective way to treat pain and injury. Dr. Chan works in a collaborative environment at the Performax Health Group in Burnaby together with in-house physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, and rehabilitation movement educators. The team of experts at Performax Health Group will combine efforts to develop a treatment protocol that will get you better faster.