Saliva Hormone Testing

Burnaby Saliva Hormone Testing

Saliva hormone testing is a simple and effective method to identify hormone imbalance in the body. Collection of your saliva samples for testing is painless and can be done in the convenience of your own home. There is no need to make a special trip to the lab. Once you are finished collecting your saliva samples, you just package them in the test kit, seal the contents in your pre-paid mailer, and drop it in the mailbox.

Saliva hormone levels reflect the levels of hormone delivered to tissues versus blood hormone levels which reflect levels of hormone which have not yet been delivered to tissue. Because of this provides a more accurate picture of what level of hormone is actually available to the body. Having said that, just because your results may fall within the normal range, you still may not be at your optimal hormone balance. Results from lab testing are always interpreted taking into account all of your clinical signs and symptoms.