Insurance Coverage

Treatments Are Covered Under Many Extended Health Plans

As a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND), Dr. Chan’s wide range of treatment services fall under the category of “Naturopathic Medicine”. Most Extended Health Plans (i.e. Blue Cross, SunLife, etc.) that companies offer to their employees cover a portion of all naturopathic services (including visits and tests) up to a certain annual limit while some plans have a maximum reimbursement per office visit. Most plans do not provide coverage for the cost of nutritional supplements or remedies.

Make the most out of the benefits that you are entitled to. Contact your Extended Health Plan provider for details about the type and amount of coverage you have. You will pay for the cost of your treatment immediately after seeing Dr. Chan and then you will be issued a receipt which can then be submitted to your Extended Health Plan provider for reimbursement. The staff at the Performax Health Group clinic will be glad to help provide you with any documentation you require for this.

Is Naturopathic Medicine Covered By MSP/Insurance?

Unless you are on premium assistance, services provided by naturopathic doctors are not covered under the MSP. There is limited coverage for premium assistance patients.