Detoxification And Cleansing

Just as your health may suffer if your body does not have enough of what it needs, you may also run into problems if your body has to deal with too much of what should not be in there. In other words, toxicity can cause significant chronic health problems.

These days, detoxification is an important component of a comprehensive health strategy. Our environment is bombarded by toxic chemicals and our food supply is exposed to pesticides that eventually end up in your body. The body’s internal detoxification organs often need supportive treatment to continue to process and eliminate these materials from the tissues.

The process of detoxification sounds simple, but it requires the coordination of several organ systems and uses a lot of energy. Sometimes, you can aggravate the body’s tissues and make yourself feel quite sick if things are not done in the proper order.  Dr. Chan can assess where your need is the greatest and help guide your detoxification for the best results.