New Year’s Detox – Better Late Than Never

Written by Dr. Chan

January 14, 2017

It happens every year. December is a crazy busy time of year. There are lots of gatherings and parties. And LOTS of eating and drinking. Then you mix in some stress, a lot of unseasonably cold temperatures, and coughing and sneezing and your body has taken the proverbial “Season’s Beatings”.

The social aspect of food is one of the most challenging to overcome. Now, it’s January and all the celebration is finished. At least it is for me. And that is why it is a perfect time to give my body a tune-up – a detox to give the digestive system and other internal organs a well-deserved rest!

Some people talk about doing a detox or cleanse as a way to restore the liver back to optimal shape. After all, all those glasses of wine and spirits do place extra stress on the liver’s detoxification pathways. Because the liver is the major internal organ for detoxification, if it becomes overtaxed then it will have to pass of some of the overload to the other routes of elimination (also called emunctories). Organs such as the lungs and kidneys are less well-equipped to deal with such toxins but will pitch-in if called upon. I know that for me, the detox is necessary in order for me to decrease my pain and suffering from hayfever during the spring allergy season.

There are many ways to detox your system and the best one will differ for everyone. Personally, I’m planning to do this for 21 days. However, I would say that all detox protocols will involve some degree of dietary restriction and reduced demand on the digestive tract. The organs that typically get addressed are the liver, kidneys, and gut. And while such an approach will likely leave one feeling better than they did before, I think that a truly effective detox protocol needs to include some biotherapeutic drainage remedies. While most approaches are quite safe, the more aggressive the detox, the more important it is to ensure supervision by a medical professional.

On a cellular level, the goal is to ensure that the body is able to transport nutrients through the extracellular space to the cells. Similarly, the wastes produced by the cell must also be free to be excreted from the cells and out the body. Better absorption and better elimination makes for a more efficient and healthier body.

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